The business of the casino revolves around money, thus it is a perfect place for dishonest people, so read about crazy vegas bonus first. Since there would be a lot of people lugging huge amounts of money around, it is possible to have some security problems.

Of course, the casino does what they can to protect their patrons from criminals through several measures, like having surveillance cameras and a reliable security force. But it would be better if we ensure our own safety through being careful and aware of our surroundings.

Here are five simple safety tips one could practice when visiting the casino:

1. Carry your wallet in front

Men often carry their wallets in their back pocket. This makes it vulnerable for pickpockets. Put your wallet in your front pocket instead. It would also be better if you attach it to a chain that you could attach to your pants, so that it would not be easy to lift from you.

2. Always keep your purse in sight

For the ladies, do not place your purse at your side or on the space in between the machines. Always keep it in front or in your lap, where you could easily see it.

3. Don’t put your cash and other valuables in your fanny pack

The fanny pack is often used by casino patrons, regardless of gender. Most of the time, they are worn on the side. They may be useful for storing sunglasses, hand towels, and other miscellanea, but it is a dangerous place for cash and other valuables. The strap of the fanny pack is really fragile, and a thief could easily make off with it.

4. Use the security service

If you happen to be lucky and win a handful, be sure to acquire the assistance of the casino’s security personnel. Let them escort you to the cashier’s cage. If you plan on staying for the night, use the casino’s safety deposit box. If you plan to leave by car, use their valet service.

5. Always hide your cash

Never brag about how much you have brought or have won. After you have converted all your winnings to cash, always put it in your pocket. It is better to look broke but actually have money than to become broke because of some nasty thief.

Remember, your security and safety is your responsibility. Trust, but do not rely on the casino’s security measures. In case you do get robbed, pick pocketed, or swindled, report to the casino’s security officials. Always keep your senses alert and be aware of what is happening in your surroundings. As the old saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry.