Are you managing you money or does the money manage you?
This means do not let money control you. You should set a limit on how much money you are willing to bet, also willing to lose, before setting a foot on Casino.

Either you are gambling online or at casinos this is one thing that you must organize first. Does this sound easy to accomplish? Yes it is, but in real it is not!

The idea is here, be a responsible gambler. Do not spend larger that what you can afford. Resists temptation, have discipline and self control. This is managing your own money.

Let us say you are in a hot streak. Before you loses all your money back to the casino set foot by saying it is enough. Keep the money and run home. This is an often misfortune of those who are lucky to be on a winning streak. The thought of winning some more often ends up on nothing left for them.

The thing is if you win immediately pocket you initial money. Your initial money is the total amount of cash you got when you first arrive in the casino.

If you are planning to go to a casino you plan what clothes to wear, what shoes to go with it, what car to drive and you organize your bag for your cellphone accessories. The next thing you plan is your wallet. This sets the amount the you will bring and wager and this is called budget system.

Budgeting your money includes the number of hours you are going to spend gambling. You can more or less set a limit if you already know what game to play. And then you can have the idea the amount that is needed to play that certain casino game and how long are you going to gamble.

You can manage well your money by assigning a right pocket and a left pocket. This is about assigning what money goes where. Your right pocket should have all your winnings. And your left pocket should have your budget for the game’s session.

By this strategy you won’t get confuse on where to get your money and you won’t be able to mix them up. If you bet, get from your left. If you win put in your right.

By doing this you already have set your limitation. If you noticed that your left pocket is empty then that is your sign that it’s time to go home.